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Boat Tours & Sport Fishing


Enjoy and have a lot of fun at the best part of the North Pacific's Beaches and water adventures of Costa Rica.
With our cristal waters and beautiful turquoise colors and marine life, you will have a memorable experience.

-Sport Fishing.                                                                                               -Snorkeling.

-Whales, dolphins and turtles.                                                       -Jetskis.

-Beach Hopping.                                                                                         -Caves.

-Watersking.                                                                                                  -Wakeboarding.

-Inner tubing.                                                                                                  -Subwing.

-Coco beach and Tamarindo Downtown.                              -Surfing.

-Sunset.                                                                                                                -Beach restaurants.

-Side seeing.

It's your boat and toys! The rhythm of the activities is your choice and we will help you to organize them and maximize your experience looking for the best conditions for the selected activities cause We want you to have fun and relax with us!

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